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Danila Tkachenko exhibition curated by Timofey Caraffa-Corbut "Oasis" at Artpogost presents all photos from series, created in 2018, in a specially prepared installation of camp.
The photo project "Oasis" , by photographer Danila Tkachenko, was commissioned by the Qatar Museum. The photographer wanted to show how people were able to preserve their history and culture in the modern capitalist society. As a piece of land in the desert turned into an Oasis of modern capitalism, built on the largest deposits of fuel on earth.

"The people of the country found themselves in a new reality in a very short period," explains Tkachenko. "Moving from a country with a harsh desert climate, with little fresh water, where they always had to work hard to survive, they find themselves in a capitalist Paradise." Yet by its very nature and despite its pretensions, capitalism has no winners and provides heaven to only a few " lucky ones." "Qataris, leaving behind the harsh desert in traditional clothes and entering a new modern reality, gladly accept all the benefits of the capitalist world in search of more comfort and luxury," - says the photographer. "At the same time, they face the obstacles of this new world. Will the Qataris be able to maintain their identity? Or would they lose their willpower in such a comfortable environment? Will they succumb to the destructive temptations and attractions of the new world? Time will tell."

Ilyinsky Pogost
Mitrohinskaya 8
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31 August – 31 December 2019

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Danila Tkachenko OASIS 2018 @ Danila Tkachenko
Danila Tkachenko born in Moscow in 1989. In 2014 he graduated from the Moscow Rodchenko school of photography, class Valery Nistratov. In the same year, 2014, Danila Tkachenko won the world Press Photo 2014 photojournalism contest with the project Escape, on which he worked for three years. In March 2015, he finished work on the project Closed Territories / Restricted Areas, which has already received a number of international prizes, including the European Publishers Award For Photography, a grant from Burn Magazine, and included in the Dutch magazine Foam Talents. The series has been published in publications such as BBC Culture, The Guardian, IMA Magazine, GUP Magazine, British Journal of Photography.
Timofey Caraffa-Corbut born in 1975, in Moscow artist, curator, founder of Artraum Association and Artpogost gallery. Member of the Board of the Creative Union of artists of Russia.
Danila Tkachenko OASIS 2018 @ Danila Tkachenko
Danila Tkachenko OASIS 2018 @ Danila Tkachenko
DEZO.SPACE LIVESET 2019 @Artpogost