Curated by Timofey Caraffa-Corbut

MARGARET solo exhibition curated by Timofey Caraffa-Corbut "Yuppie" at Artpogost presents pictures from INSPICT series, created in 2020.

B. Nikitskaya 22/2
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31 October – 31 November 2019

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Margarita Veretentseva is an artist, born and works in Moscow.
In works reflects the faces of people, like a mirror of the modern world. The daring contrasting color palette and the deliberate simplicity of the design create a special authentic and easily recognizable author's handwriting. In the works of the artist, the absence of frames is defined, which allows turning into a picture everything that he sees, prompting the viewer to go beyond the usual, namely: «to move away from oneself, from one's life and one's time and the ability not only to leave the room, but even forget where it is». More often the artist in his works interprets the nature of human emotions. The use of mixed media and the reflection of the quintessence of man on the artist's canvases gives a new look and expands the viewer's vision.

Timofey Caraffa-Corbut born in 1975, in Moscow artist, curator, founder of Artraum Association and Artpogost. Member of the Board of the Creative Union of artists Russia.
MARGARET YUPPIE 2020 @ Artpogost
MARGARET YUPPIE 2020 @ Artpogost
MARGARET YUPPIE 2020 @ Artpogost
"To be a Zen person, you must be born, live, and die in Japan"

Inner Japan; for the Zen man, the whole universe becomes Japan
"Onehand clap",
"The 10,000 RI road begins with the first step"

The bird hunts,
The bird flies,
The bird laughs,
and Dies.
"INSPICT" series of portraits People's faces are like a mirror of the modern world.

The series of works reflects the metaphysics of human emotions. With the use of a bright, contrasting color palette and deliberate simplicity, so that the viewer could go beyond the usual, namely: "to distance himself from himself, from his life and his time, and the ability not only to leave the room, but even to forget where she is ". A series of portraits was painted under the impression of life in a modern metropolis.