Coefficients of humility
and spontaneity

Curated by Yulia Grigoryeva

APRIL 9 - APRIL 12 2021
Lika Gomiashvili solo exhibition curated by Yulia Grigoryeva "Coefficients of humility and spontaneity" at Artpogost presents eponymous installation, created in 2021

B. Nikitskaya 22/2
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9 April – 12 April 2021

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Lika Gomiashvili - Moscow based artist, APXIV group resident. Education - 2005 - 2011 — National University of Science and Technology MISIS, strategy management. 2011 - 2013 — Photography (the studio of Sergey Sonin and Elena Samorodova, later in the studio of Rauph Mamedov) British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow. 2016 - 2018 — New Artistic Strategies. ICA. Moscow 2020 - now — BAZA institute.

Yulia Grigoryeva Curator and researcher, lecturer at the BAZA Institute of Contemporary Art
Education: MSLU, Department of English Philology (1999-2004), BAZA Institute (2018-2020)
Interests: theory of modern art, cybernetic realism, systematic musicology, sitopia, speculative design.
He lives and works in Moscow and Tbilisi.
Coefficients of humility and spontaneity 2021 @ Lika Gomiashvili
MARGARET YUPPIE 2020 @ Artpogost
Coefficients of humility and spontaneity 2021 @ Lika Gomiashvili
The installation "Coefficients of Humility and Spontaneity" by Lika Gomiashvili arises from the experience of the gap between variations of personal freedom and the limits of variations of this freedom. These reflections are based on the artist's interest in the philosophy of technology, cybernetics and Big data.
The work draws attention to a common symptom — the disturbing feeling that human individuality is reduced to a mathematical model and typologized to predictability (user behavior on the Web, for example). Lika explores the authoritarianism of such models, referring to the theory of a mathematician and philosopher Vasily Vasilyevich Nalimov (1910-1997), who dealt with the problems of mathematization of biology and proposed to consider a person's personality in the form of a graph of the distribution of semantic probabilities.
The project creates a spatial visual metaphor and correlates the structure of the movement from subjective goal-setting to total spontaneity and from random personal choice to balanced and independent, putting the possibility of the latter into question.
The logic of the space is formed by recreating the images of medieval Gothic stained glass windows. So, in the era of depriving a person of his individuality, a spectacular fantasy about the unknowability of the individual arises, a catalog of models of human consciousness is compiled.