Across the Universe
Curated by Diliara Nurgaiazova

DECEMBER 1- MARCH 1 2019-20
Dmitry Grishko personal exhibition curated by Diliara Nurgaiazova "Across the Universe" at Artpogost will show several artworks – in his own author's technique – «abstract and object multiple exposure». All works are done manually, without retouching and computer processing, created within last three years.
Dmitry began taking pictures in Moscow. Two years later, having shot almost everything that was interesting to him in the Russian capital, he transferred his passion to travel. He visited many countries, in each of them he did not part with the camera. In his works, we can see blends of the environment filtered by the camera and the author. Due to a special technique, he structures himself the world around. Dmitry's works are made in his own author's technique – «abstract and object multiple exposure». All works are done manually, without retouching and computer processing. Dmitry creates all the affects with his hands on the film or with the help of light installations.

The exhibition consists of lightboxes and two photo prints on canvas. Dmitry's works need to be watched closely. From far away lightboxes look like ordinary luminous boxes, and approaching we begin to see the play of light and line. So, light is a magical element. The image lines in luminous photographs form a bizarre space-like pattern that can be viewed endlessly.

The central work of the exhibition is an image of a tree. The tree is a symbol of life, the world tree is a universal tree, uniting all spheres of the universe. Its branches correspond to the sky, the trunk to the earthly world, the roots to the underworld. So, a tree from Dmitry's work is also a unifying object of the entire exhibition and the author's world.

Dmitry's landscape photographs are very close to painting. Trees, clouds, mountains resemble landscapes of romanticism, abstract paintings or shots from films of Tarkovsky, which, as everyone knows, was inspired by the works of the great painters. Following Andreas Gursky, Dmitry breaks the stereotype that the camera should strongly reflect life as it is. Dmitry designs his images. His work with the film is like writing a picture, editing a painting. Thus, his photographs become a reflection of himself in this universe.

The artist does not like to talk about the sense of his works. He can tell when and where the picture was taken, how he processed the film, how he created a certain effect, but not no more than that. Each work is the viewer himself; it is the viewer's universe. What the viewer sees, what he/she thinks looking at the photograph, this is the artist's intention.


Ilyinsky Pogost
Mitrohinskaya 8
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1 December – 31 March 2019-20

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Dmitry Grishko Across the Universe series @Artpogost
Dmitry Grishko, born in 1991 in Moscow, grew up in the industrial district Tushino where he founded the community of street art – smo3 clan. The desire to express himself in art led him to the Design and Applied Arts Department in the NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) in Milan, where he studied interior design. Then he returned to the homeland to learn more about Russian art in Stroganovka (Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts). At the age of 18, he bought his first camera Lubitel 166 B and fell in love with the process of widescreen photography. His works are executed in his own author's technique – «abstract and object multiple exposure». All works are done manually, without retouching or computer processing. From 2018, he is the member of the International Federation of Artists.
Diliara Nurgaiazova was born in Kazan, an art historian (HSE). She studied French translation, completed an internship at Caen University about French art. The theme of the graduation qualification thesis was the work of illustrator, animator, needle screen creator Alexandre Alexeieff. In her master's thesis, she writes about the phenomenon of the beginning of the 20th century - "Kazan Avant-Garde". Now, she works in a team of the International Festival-School of Contemporary Art "Territory", which organized two exhibitions at MMOMA this year – "Yoko Ono. The Sky is always clear" and "Man the size of the house" in memory of Dmitry Brusnikin.
Dmitry Grishko Across the Universe series @Artpogost
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